Ultima Forsan

Ultima Forsan - The Iron Crown (PDF)



19 pages, color


An Ultima Forsan short campaign in three Episodes for three to six Novice or Seasoned characters.

The Heroes are recruited to find an ancient relic of great political and symbolic value: The Iron Crown. This ancient crown is said to contain one of the nails of Christ’s Cross. Due to its history, it also represents the ideal of a unified kingdom of Italy.

Ultima Forsan - Wayland's Secret II: Forbidden Alchemy (PDF+EPUB)


ACED WITH OVERWHELMING odds, courage is rather like a river that bursts its banks in those who can call upon incredible reserves of strength. So it was that Edward, Jane, and Sebastian had theirs sorely tested as the Dead Horde swarmed them, the cultists of the mysterious Blood Father closed ranks, and the chanting high priest let forth curses in their direction, spoken with a pus-flecked tongue, that dribbled with bile and dark-formed cadence.

Wayland's Secret I: An Unexpected Meeting (PDF+EPUB)


THE FOUR TRAVELLERS were greeted by the early morning light, as the coach rumbled on over the ragged ground of a barely maintained roadway. As the sun gently rose to push away the mist, the remnants of the night slipped off into shadow. The landscape of England was still beautiful, regardless of the terrors that lurked beyond the rolling hills, forested undulating ground, and castle dominated skyline.

Ultima Forsan goes to GenCon!


We are very happy to announce Ultima Forsan is going to be presented at the next GenCon, in a new Hardcover Edition!

It will be available at the Studio2 booth, and we will be there to assist you with any question or curiosity you might have, or just for a friendly chat. We are eager to attend at the Con and meet a lot of new friends.

After the Con the book will be distributed by Studio2, so it will eventually reach you local brick&mortar store. It will be a 6x9 hardcover book, a very popular size among savages.



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